I know I written this ‘about me’ theme sometime before now. Yet it does not appear to be on any of my “blog” site — thus the readers do not have knowledge “about me”.

Here goes, rapid fire:

I am a weaver.

I live in Weaver, Alabama

I write poems/prose.

I have way to many web sites to keep track of, but I do try [See “Elsewhere on the web —–>].

Three of my passions are:
1) Weaving
2) Writing (various topic, styles, lengths)
3) Genealogy
Each of these interest have strong pull on my “free time”. Some how on the surface they seem separate topics – when I get involved in one, the others seem to draw me in to further research, or furthering a woven piece (by hand or on a loom).

I am a daydreamer, a “south paw”, a “tow head”, — have been know as a misfit, tomboy, hillbilly and “Cat”.

When I can think of more detail, I will update this ‘blurb’. But for now, it seems my thoughts are severely distract by a sinus headache. 😦

Thank you, for visiting!

– Cathy